About Us

ValenSil Technologies does much more than provide medical components and devices in the HCR and LSR categories. We have the capabilities and the expertise to develop innovative solutions and formulations that very few others do.

Product developers come to us when they do not have the time or expertise to develop the specialized formulations needed for their customers. Our partnerships with other medical silicone providers allows us to bring our expertise to many companies that may not have the facilities or engineers to solve complex issues in this industry.

ValenSil Technologies Features:

ISO 13485:2003 compliant to insure the highest in quality standards
ISO Class 7 Compliant Cleanroom for research and product development
State-of-the-art production capabilities newly constructed in 2016
Research development department engineering solutions unlike any other

ValenSil Technologies S.A.F.E Medical Silicone Products Division

In addition to our production and research capabilities, ValenSil Technologies offers a special product line through our SAFE Division. These products include:

Silicone - products that are liquid at room temperature and are used in the assembly and (in field) use of medical devices.
Adhesives - used to bond rubber, synthetics, and metals for part fabrication, medical devices, and surgical tapes.
Fluids - silicone dispersions used for lubrication and siliconization of glass, metal, plastic, and rubber.
Elastomers - silicone sealant designed to encapsulate medical devices, sealing of devices, and controlled release drug delivery systems.

ValenSil Technologies offers complete post-production services which are available for our partners who need them.

Custom Medical Silicone Components, Devices, Adhesives, and Formulations

ValenSil Technologies, LLC

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