About Us - Valensil Aerosol Division

Located in Avon Ohio, ValenSil Technologies Aerosol Division, offers complete aerosol services. Noted for their customer service, exceptional research and developing products that others couldn’t – ValenSil has quickly gained the reputation of the “go to” company for aerosol formulation challenges. From the research and product development, to custom packaging, our all-inclusive services are all in-house, start-to-finish.

• Product Research and Formulation
• Testing and Development
• Filling and Gassing
• Labeling and Packaging
• Shipping and Fulfillment

Beyond Aerosol Development - Our product development also includes coating formulations that are brushed, rolled, poured, or air-sprayed on as well.

Aerosol Delivery Systems - From Formulations to Finished Product

ValenSil Technologies, LLC

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