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Developing medical silicone products is just a small part of ValenSil Technologies, our ability to customize "off-the-shelf" LSR and HCR components is what makes ValenSil Technologies unique.

Our new lab, production facilities and manufacturing processes utilize a comprehensive Quality Management Systems (QMS), as required by the FDA CFRs (21CFRPart820), ISO Standards (ISO 13485:2003 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005) and IMDRF Guidelines.

As such, we are able to provide medical devices, components, formulations and adhesives, produced from modified silicone materials.

Breakthrough technologies, breakthrough silicone formulations - ValenSil Technologies can deliver both to help you achieve the result you need.

ValenSil Technologies Medical Silicone Developers and Manufacturers

The newly constructed ValenSil Technologies  in Avon, Ohio was built in 2016.
The building itself is nearly an exact replica of the historic Raleigh Tavern (established in 1717) located in Williamsburg, VA.

The Apollo Room inside the Raleigh Tavern was a frequent meeting place of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and other Revolutionary patriots, where the initial discussions started to gain our country's independence.

For more information about our medical silicone services and custom silicone products please contact us at:

ValenSil Technologies, LLC
34910 Commerce Way
Avon, Ohio 44011

phone: 440.937.8181
toll free: 844.453.3545
fax: 440.695.0913

Custom Medical Silicone Components, Devices, Adhesives, and Formulations

ValenSil Technologies, LLC

34910 Commerce Way Avon, Ohio 44011 Phone: 440.937.8181 Toll Free: 844.453.3545 Fax: 440.695.0913