ValenSil Medical Products Division - FDA Approved Medical Products Manufacturer

About Us - Valensil Aerosol Division

Located in Avon Ohio, ValenSil Technologies Aerosol Division, offers complete aerosol product development and production services. Noted for our customer service, exceptional research capabilities, and developing products that others couldn’t – ValenSil has quickly gained the reputation of the “go to” company for aerosol formulation challenges. From the research and product development, to custom packaging, our all-inclusive services are all in-house, start-to-finish.

• Product Research and Formulation
• Testing and Development
• Filling and Gassing
• Labeling and Packaging
• Shipping and Fulfillment

Beyond Aerosol Development - Our product development also includes coating formulations that are brushed, rolled, poured, or air-sprayed on as well.

About Us - Valensil Medical Products Division

Clean room environment to insure your product is safe and free from all contaminants. ValenSil is an FDA registered manufacturer. View a recent case study and more information HERE.

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Medical Products Division - An FDA Registered Manufacturer

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