Aerosol Production Services

Supporting our aerosol product development, ValenSil Technologies offers every production service you need to produce your aerosol product for market. From filling to gassing of the cans, labeling and packaging, shipping and fulfillment are all done by ValenSil in-house. Making full and quarter pallets, ValenSil, contract aerosol filling your needs.

Opened in 2017, with a massive expansion in 2023, our new aerosol production capabilities feature a brand new gas house and filling capabilities that can swiftly produce your order from start to finish, under one roof! The inventory numbering system along with our stringent Quality Control measures guarantee your product will perform can-to-can & batch-to-batch.

• Product Research and Formulations
• Testing and Development
• Filling and Gassing of Aerosol Products
• Labeling and Packaging
• Shipping and Fulfillment

Beyond Aerosol Development - Our product development also includes coating formulations that are brushed, rolled, poured, or air-sprayed on as well.

A Recent ValenSil Testimonial - "Hey Dick, this is Rick from Unituff, We have received the aerosols and they are incredible, I can't put words to it! The best product we have ever had. If you need a customer testimonial, please let me know"
R.M., Sydney, Australia

Aerosol Production & Contract Filling - From Formulation to Finished Product

ValenSil Technologies, LLC - Aerosol Production & Contract Filling

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