Product Formulation & Development

When you have clients reaching out to you from halfway around the world, you just may be doing something right. Word travels fast. So if you need your product in aerosol form and don't know where to begin, - begin here. ValenSil will give you detailed information on how the process works, from start-to-finish.

ValenSil Aerosol Technologies expertise, and simple philosophy of "lets see what we can do" have created marketable new products for our clients who were previously told were "impossible to make". We bring a fresh and creative approach to every challenge, we are not afraid to fail - which is exactly why we succeed.

ValenSil Case Study - When a client came to us from Australia seeking a solution of getting their proprietary coating in aerosol form they weren't expecting much. Over the past year they had approached many other companies that led to disappointment - in the end they were told by all "it couldn't be done". That is when one of their vendors suggested getting a hold of this innovative new company in Avon, Ohio that they had heard good things about. With nothing to lose and expecting the same result, the client agreed.

After a few months of intense formulation development and testing, we let the client test the product for himself. They could not believe the results... and spray painted: "We Love ValenSil". Results delivered!

Product Development is more than a service we provide - to many it is an idea that becomes a reality, a new product, a new source of income. So if you are hearing "that can't be done" give us a call... and we'll see what we can do.

Beyond Aerosol Development - Our product development also includes coating formulations that are brushed, rolled, poured, or air-sprayed on as well.

• Product formulation and development
• Extensive product testing
• NDA work, for your protection
• Alternate formulations if applicable
• Fresh approach to every project
• Create new formulations needed or use clients existing ones
• Quality control measures at every stage

Aerosol Production & Contract Filling - From Formulation to Finished Product

ValenSil Technologies, LLC - Aerosol Production & Contract Filling

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